Front End Developer

I'm Luis, a front end developer living in Chicago. I specialize in developing rich user interfaces and JavaScript web applications. In addition to developing interactive UIs, I design and develop lean responsive sites using the latest technologies and tools.


  • Javascript
    • Backbone / Angular JS
    • Underscore
    • jQuery, jQuery Plugins, jQuery UI
    • Vanilla JS
  • Mobile
    • Phonegap
    • jQuery Mobile
    • Single page apps
  • HTML & CSS
    • HTML5
    • CSS 2-3
    • LESS + SASS
    • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Tools
    • GIT, Github, Bitbucket, SVN
    • Visual Studio 13, WebStorm
    • Adobe Creative Suite

Currently Working on


This is a simple Backbone app with nested views using local-storage for saving. It's also using supplemental JS and CSS libraries such as Handlebars for templating, Bootstrap for design, and jQuery UI for dates and future dragging support. Not built with Yeoman ATM.

Demo | Github

Background Image Fader

This is a simple background image fader jQuery plugin.

Demo | Github


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